Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Players who must improve after All-Star break

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Los Angeles Lakers
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– Rajon Rondo

Another player that the Lakers need to be better in the second half of the season is their backup point guard. Rondo has been one of the most talked-about Lakers this season, as many don’t like what they see.

Rondo has the unique ability to get stats, but not really help the team. A lot of times, Rondo goes assist hunting instead of taking easy layups, which can cause frustration. However, Rondo’s ability to be a playmaker is needed on this Lakers team. When LeBron James is off the court, the Lakers are not the same team offensively. Rondo’s ability on the offensive end is needed with James out, but he does hamper the Lakers on the defensive end.

Where Rondo really needs to be better is on the defensive end of the court. There was a time when Rondo was a great defensive point guard, however, those days seem long gone. If Vogel is going to consider playing meaningful minutes going forward, he will need to improve on the defensive end.

Rondo recently just had a great game against the Phoenix Suns, as he was really aggressive on the offensive end. Rondo looking for his own shot helped the Lakers win that game, and caused everyone to want to see more of that from Rondo. If the Lakers don’t add someone as a free agent, Rondo will likely continue to have a significant role on the Lakers.