Los Angeles Lakers: Player grades through All-Star break

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7. JaVale McGee

JaVale McGee was brought back to the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason after having a decent first season with them last year. He wasn’t expected to have a huge role but ended up playing in just under 23 minutes a night. He averaged 12 points, 7.5 rebounds and two blocks per game.

He also had the highest qualifying eFG% of his career at 62.5% and highest TS% at 63.4%. His win shares of 5.9 were also the highest of his career. He played very well and consistent for a Lakers team that had a lot of drama surrounding them.

So the Lakers got quite the score when they were able to bring him back for two years at $8.2 million. He has rewarded them with an even more effective season this year. As he has split time with Dwight Howard in the middle.

His minutes have dipped too under 17 per night, but he has upped pretty much all of his percentages across the board. His FG% is up to 64.4 percent, eFG% is up to 65 percent, TS% up to 65.8 percent and he has even taken six 3-pointers this year and knocked down three of them.

Just because the minutes have dipped, doesn’t mean it’s downgraded his play. He is playing some of the most effective basketball of his career and helping this team win games. He is also blocking 1.6 shots per night, which comes out to a higher per-36 then last year.

He’s also already at 3.9 win shares which is on pace to top last year. Also his DBPM is an astounding 4.3 which is one of the best in the NBA. His total BPM is 4.1, already doubled from his last year at 1.9.

McGee is playing good basketball and is a steal on the contract he is on. When you put on paper to the dollar earned, he’s one of the best bargains in the NBA. He also is a crucial part to what this team is doing.

Grade: A