Los Angeles Lakers: 4 Lessons from win over New Orleans Pelicans

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Los Angeles Lakers
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LeBron James made it a point to show Zion and the NBA world that as Ric Flair would say, “The best thing going today”!

Look, Lake Show Life may have a love hate relationship with LeBron James fans around the world, but the one thing this site can do is sense if James wants to make a point in a basketball game. This game was one of them.

In the third quarter, LeBron James exploded, personally forcing New Orleans to call timeout after a personal 11-point barrage. It wasn’t just the 3rd quarter, LeBron dominated. He stole the show. Taking care of the ball going forward would be nice, ending the night with more turnovers (7) than assists (6) is troublesome, but fixable.


LeBron James racked up 16 points in the third quarter on his way to 40 points on 17-of-27 shooting (5-of-11 from the land of the extra point!). He also found time to grab 8 rebounds and dish out 6 assists. He becomes the first player with a 40-point game in his 17th season (or later) since Kobe Bryant in 2013. Another record for LeBron and another Kobe Bryant reference. The Los Angeles Lakers are playoff bound folks.

Maybe Lake Show Life needs to send these post game reports to the other 29 teams in the NBA. We have stated for over two years that LeBron James can’t be stopped in the post. If anyone has a clue as to why Jrue Holiday had the responsibility of defending him for the majority of the game, please leave it in the comments section. LeBron destroyed him.

He faced him up and blew past him with ease.

He shot 3-pointers in his grill.

Finally he personally showed Holiday why lifting weights might be a good idea if he wants to guard him in the post one on one again.

Makes you want to call his mom, Miss Gloria and tell her that LeBron is beating on people again. It was clear that James had that killer instinct. He took it personally that the Pels put a guard on him in the first place and didn’t even bother to double in the second. But a message was sent to Zion.  “You have maybe the next guy up when I retire, but I haven’t retired yet.”

Where in the world was this last year (Please skip the groin injury excuse!). This LeBron James is fun to watch. Woooooo!