Los Angeles Lakers: Post All-Star break player rankings

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12.) Jared Dudley

Next up we have Jared Dudley, who is by all accounts, including himself, one of the better glue guys in the league. Like Daniels, he doesn’t see much floor-time, but on the rare occasions that he does, such as when one of Kyle Kuzma, LeBron James, or Anthony Davis are sitting out, Dudley has been ready to go in a pinch.

Offensively, Dudley doesn’t really contribute much in the way of shot creation, but he is still an above average 3-point shooter for his career (39.4%), and is a savvy veteran who understands how to properly space the floor, keep the ball moving, and set smart screens.

One thing that Dudley seems to do better than anyone else on this Lakers team is be a mouthpiece for the team for when he goes on podcasts with reporters like ESPN’s Zach Lowe, or the Laker’s very own Danny Green. For Laker fans, Dudley gives us a window into the day-to-day of this Lakers team, and that in of itself is an incredibly valuable thing.

However, going back to Dudley’s impact on the court, there isn’t much else that needs to be said. He can still be a solid power forward option at times, can come in and play spot minutes here and there, and is even good for a couple ‘break in case of emergency’ starts, which he has already shown this season, but beyond that, you don’t want Dudley seeing a single minute of on-court action once we reach the postseason.

He gets placed a notch above Daniels and Cook due to his ability to be a league average defender, an above average shooter, and his veteran leadership.