Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Ways they can improve before the playoffs

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Los Angeles Lakers
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Experiment with small-ball line-ups

While the way the Los Angeles Lakers are doing things at this moment in time is working wonderfully, there is always room to improve.

For example, the Lakers could run more pick and roll sets with LeBron James ( a premier pick and roll facilitator) and Anthony Davis ( a premier pick and roll finisher). This would allow for AD to get many more easy baskets as very few people can stop Anthony Davis at the rim when he has a full head of steam.

The Lakers could also use Dwight Howard in a similar fashion as he is an extremely powerful player capable of setting the necessary bone-crushing screens and still has enough bounce to flush it down.

However, one change that might unlock further success for the purple and gold is experimenting with small ball line-ups.

The Lakers are one of the taller and more physically imposing teams in the league and that is a key attribute they plan on using to beat most teams in the league, however, against some teams, going big might not be the answer.

With the likes of the Houston Rockets playing micro ball and the Los Angeles Clippers fielding a small ball line-up during important stretches in games, it makes sense for the Lakers to experiment with small ball line-ups in order to adequately prepare. If the Lakers were to stick with their larger line-up and come up against a team capable of counteracting it, they could be in significant trouble.

Experiments with numerous lineups such as Davis, LeBron, Green, Caruso, and Bradley. Morris, LeBron, Kuz, KCP, and Caruso or even LeBron, Morris, Green, Caruso and Bradley.

Variation is the spice of life and if the Los Angeles Lakers can find lineups that would allow them to cause other teams trouble then they should try it out.