Los Angeles Lakers: CDC makes recommendation about large gatherings

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With everyone wondering when the Los Angeles Lakers will be back on the court, the CDC recently released a recommendation about large gatherings.

It has just been a few days since we last saw the Los Angeles Lakers in action, but it could be a while before we see them on the court once again.

After a thrilling weekend a week ago, which resulted in wins over the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Clippers, the Lakers were riding high. However, they did suffer a letdown loss to the Brooklyn Nets after the long weekend.

That loss to the Nets could be the last time that we see the Lakers on the court for a while. While the NBA recently talked about it being at least 30 days before they re-evaluate the coronavirus situation, the CDC recently came out with their recommendation about large gatherings.

While this is just a recommendation from the CDC, sports leagues around the world will likely be listening to it very closely. The two-month recommendation could mean that we are without basketball and other sports for at least that long.

Considering how many people it takes to play the game and get it on television, they would be well over that number for a basketball. As reported by Adrian Wojnarowski, the owners in the league are starting to believe that a return in June with no fans will be the earliest we see the league back. Also, he reports that they are looking at arena availability through August.

If the league does come back in June, it will be interesting to see where they pick up. There is certainly a possibility that they look to finish the season up for teams battling for playoff position. Also, we could just see them jump right into the playoffs.

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It has been a wild last few days for the country, as it seems like we get more and more information about the coronavirus by the hour. Hopefully, things begin to get back to normal for everyone soon.