Los Angeles Lakers: The All-Time “Tom Brady” team

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Los Angeles Lakers
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Tom Brady is officially a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. No matter what he does, that uniform will not look right. There were Los Angeles Lakers players that didn’t look right either. Lake Show Life takes a second away from the challenges the NBA is facing to enjoy some of the NFL shine for a little while.

The Los Angeles Lakers haven’t played an NBA game in over a week. For Lake Show Life it seems like a lifetime.

It is amazing how post-game reports can be taken for granted and turn out to be a part of history that is still writing itself as of this writing and beyond. Who would have thought that Lakers fans would end up losing more than a basketball game against the Brooklyn Nets?

Just look at this video here. They say that pictures can say a thousand words. How about the thoughts that can come to mind.

One week ago, the conversation was about if LeBron James made the right “basketball” play kicking it out to Anthony Davis for the game-winner. Then it was about Kevin Durant’s face when AD raised up to shoot when he actually thought it was good.


Man life can come at you fast can’t it? Now instead of fun debates in the comment section, it’s about real life that has absolutely replaced with theoretical statements.

  • Who would have thought that this could possibly the last shot of the season for the Los Angeles Lakers?
  • Who would have thought that Kevin Durant, who didn’t even play in the game would be one of the four players that contracted the COVID-19 virus, also known as the coronavirus? Who are the other three?
  • Who would have thought that two players on the Lakers roster would be infected? Now the question around Lakers Nation is who are they? 

Almost 24 hours later, NBA commissioner Adam Silver made the wise decision to suspend the NBA season to let the dust settle and figure out what steps need to be made.

The plan to finish the season is a challenge. Considering the pandemic, there’s no guarantee if the option is there or not. Since then, the NFL has taken over the sports world while NBA fans are left to reminisce about watching great games from the NBA past.

The biggest story of the sports world not related to the health pandemic has been Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots after 20 years to officially join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Does this writer care? No. Forget “Deflate-Gate” and all of those other controversies. As a back then Oakland, now Las Vegas Raiders fan, this play sums up the feelings of this player forever.

It was a fumble then, now and forever. Before this article takes on a life of its own, let’s move this discussion back to the NBA and the Los Angeles Lakers. But the “Tuck Rule” though? The fact that it’s not in the rule book any more shows that the Raiders should have won the game, the Super Bowl and had a dynasty.

But the discussion awaits.

No matter what Tom Brady does in the future, he will never look the same in a Bucs uniform. This is not only for the NFL fans, but anyone that knows of the TB-12 brand. It just won’t look right.

So the Lake Show Life staff got to thinking and wondered about some of the NBA players that were all-time greats that never quite looked right in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform. Some won’t surprise you but some of the backstories will.

When the Golden State Warriors were unseated as the NBA champions by the Toronto Raptors featuring current Laker, Danny Green, many were stunned. One writer was not based on what happened to the Lakers way back in 2004. The first two players on this list were on that squad. Let’s start in the backcourt.