Los Angeles Lakers: March 28 provides memorable highlights in team history

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Los Angeles Lakers
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Wilt’s streak snapped, while Shaq makes Dudley snap

Lakers’ centers must have liked March 28th. One of those includes a Lakers’ legend having his record broken. Wilt Chamberlain never fouled out of a game in his 14-year career, which was 1,045 games. His retirement, which happened on March 28th, 1973, is the only thing that snapped that streak.

That streak would later be snapped by Moses Malone. Malone fouled out of five games in his career, which lasted 1,455 career regular-season games; 126 in the ABA and 1,329 with the NBA. He broke Chamberlain’s record as he went 1,212 games without fouling out.

While those streaks are both impressive, given the tenacity both protected the rim with, they are not as easily remembered as this highlight that occurred on March 28, 26 years later, courtesy of Shaquille O’Neal.

O’Neal and the Lakers were facing off against the New York Knicks on this day in 1999. The Lakers won the game 99-91, but the final score isn’t what anyone remembers. Instead, it was the monstrous dunk that O’Neal had on Knicks’ center, Chris Dudley, that gets replayed to this day.

This is arguably the most disrespectful dunk in NBA history. Not only is it embarrassing enough to be dunked on, but Shaq also wraps his legs around Dudley and then shoves him to the ground. Dudley retaliates by whipping the ball at him, but at that point, the damage was already done.

Dudley was one of the many people that Shaq Diesel embarrassed in his career.