Los Angeles Lakers: Three teams to dump Rajon Rondo to

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Los Angeles Lakers

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

If the Los Angeles Lakers want to get rid of Rajon Rondo then they are most likely going to have to trade him.

Rajon Rondo has not been a fan-favorite for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. While Laker fans are still rooting for Rondo to succeed, he has been pretty disappointing in LA.

Rondo has been frustrating to watch. He is the second ball-handling playmaker on the team, behind LeBron James, but is no longer as good nor efficient as he once was, leading to some headaches at times.

Plus, with James having such a large workload, there are not a lot of chances for Rondo to be out there and be the lone guy running the offense, which is going to hurt his production. He is getting his best asset taken away from him.

There is hope among Laker fans that they find a different secondary playmaker and that the team ditches Rondo in the offseason. However, there is a problem, as Rondo has a player option on his contract and has the power to simply return to the team.

Because of that, the Los Angeles Lakers might need to execute a sign-and-trade deal, dumping Rondo elsewhere to get him off the roster. He could be included as part of a bigger deal, or could be traded for something as cheap as a second-round pick to a team that needs a veteran point guard.

Of course, Rondo could say no to a potential sign and trade and become a free agent, but that would accomplish the same goal for the Lakers.

Here are three potential teams that the Los Angeles Lakers could dump Rajon Rondo to this upcoming offseason.

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