Los Angeles Lakers: The most likely drafted position in 2020 NBA Draft

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Los Angeles Lakers

(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

Right now, the Los Angeles Lakers are at the peak of the NBA mountaintop and every fan is holding out hope that the 2019-2020 season returns to give the Lakers their fair shot at winning championship number 17.

However, there is also the possibility of the season not resuming, turning out focus to the offseason. While this summer is going to look different from past years because the Lakers have already acquired that second superstar, the team is still going to undergo some sort of shuffling.

Part of that shuffling will come in the 2020 NBA Draft, as the Lakers still have their first-round pick and are inclined to use it to fill out the roster depth with all of the draft capital that is going to New Orleans in the immediate future.

The team likely is not going to draft a massive difference-maker with the (presumed) 29th overall pick, but they could absolutely add quality depth to a position in need. Some positions are bigger needs than others, though.

From least likely to most likely, here are the chances of the Los Angeles Lakers drafting a player at any of the five positions in the first round of the 2020 NBA Draft.

5. Power forward

The Los Angeles Lakers are already at capacity at power forward. With LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma being the team’s three most-talented players, forward is not a position of need and is the least likely to be drafted.

However, I would not say that it is completely unlikely. There are reasonable expectations to see Kyle Kuzma traded this summer if the right offer presents itself and if that is the case, the Lakers might be inclined to draft a stretch four to replace Kuzma.

That would not be a terrible move as a stretch four would be a much better logistical fit for the Lakers than Kuzma, and if Kuzma is flipped for an asset elsewhere on the roster, it could really end up working out for the Lakers.

However, even if Kuzma is traded, I think it is more likely that the team signs buyout signing Markieff Morris to a mid-level exception contract. He is a better three-point shooter and defender than Kuzma and gives the team more established talent right away.

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