Los Angeles Lakers: Ranking the five dynasties in franchise history

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(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have the second most championships in the NBA, trailing the Boston Celtics by one Championship with 16 opposed to Boston’s 17.

Despite Boston’s edge in the all-time championships, the Lakers have had more dynasties throughout franchise history. The Celtics’ championships were primarily won in the Bill Russell era, with Larry Bird adding a few and the ‘Big Three’ adding number 17 over 10 years ago.

The Lakers, on the other hand, have had five dynasties. There was the Minneapolis dynasty, the Jerry West dynasty, the Showtime Lakers dynasty, the Kobe-Shaq dynasty and the Kobe-Gasol dynasty.

Some may not call the Kobe and Pau team a dynasty, but they won multiple championships. We are counting it.

With the Lakers currently in a position to win the championship if the season resumes, we thought it would be fitting if we ranked the dynasties in Lakers’ history, including factors such as championships won, star power and the competition.

Ranking the Los Angeles Lakers dynasties:

5. The Minneapolis Lakers (1949-1954)

It might not seem right to rank the Minneapolis Lakers as the worst of the five dynasties considering that these Lakers won five championships across six seasons. The only other dynasty that reached five was the Showtime Lakers, so what gives?

Well, the competition back then just was not the same as it was now. And while that is not necessarily the Minneapolis Lakers’ fault, those title-winning years just are not as impressive as the other title-winning years in franchise history.

Heck, the league only had nine teams when the Minneapolis Lakers won their fifth championship. These teams had legends, most notably George Mikan, but are often forgotten about in Laker history for the stars in Los Angeles.

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