LeBron James: A Fox Sports civil war started over Ahmaud Arbery tweet?

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LeBron James

(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) – LeBron James

LeBron James was called out again by Jason Whitlock over a tweet speaking out over the social injustice of Ahmaud Arbery. The tweet was so bad, one of his colleagues, Mike Hill, took to Twitter to defend the Lakers superstar. Lake Show Life breaks down the feud and Whitlock’s intentions.

Jason Whitlock for some reason just does not like LeBron James. Why? Your guess is as good as anyone’s.

To think Lake Show Life thought that the fanbase would take the Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance” out of context. Boy we couldn’t have been more wrong and it needs to be acknowledged.

This past week an employee from the Fox media corporation took the context of “Shut Up and Dribble” and tore it up and rewrote it in a way so ridiculous that none of these words in this piece will make anyone understand. Even Laura Ingraham probably was shocked.

Only it wasn’t from Fox News, it was from Fox Sports.

This past week, LeBron James took to his social media platform to speak out and spread awareness about the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old unarmed black man who was shot by two white men while jogging in Georgia back in February.

After the video was made public (This video will not be embedded out of respect to the Arbery family.) James spoke out hours later. Then Fox Sports personality, Jason Whitlock felt the need to chime in. Reading both captions will boggle the mind.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of the original tweet by LeBron James and then Whitlock’s tweet.

  • LeBron James uses his platform (Something that is almost a common practice at this point!), not only to provide exposure but to send well wishes to the Arbery family. 
  •  Fox Sports personality Jason Whitlock accuses LeBron James of “using” the death of Arbery to get this, showcase the difference between LeBron and Michael Jordan. 
  • LeBron James never mentions Jordan, and the only person who had done that was Jason Whitlock himself.

To say that Jason Whitlock was immediately blasted in the comment section by members of the sports community speaks volumes of how bad this was. NBA star Tobias Harris and former players Kendrick Perkins and Matt Barnes all made sure to call Whitlock out. The Harris and Perkins quotes are courtesy of the New York Post. Matt Barnes’ comment on Twitter went a little deeper.

Kendrick Perkins:

“You sure you’re not trolling and making it about you? He’s using his platform to speak out on a tragedy and you making it about him and MJ. Do better big bro!”

Tobias Harris:

“Because for @WhitlockJason its all about likes and retweets smh…,” wrote 76ers star Tobias Harris.

Matt Barnes:

You always got some s— to say.. wtf are you doing, besides coonin?

As you can see, Jason Whitlock has ruffled feathers from the NBA family it seems. If you think this here is serious. Check out what Whitlock’s Fox Sports colleague Mike Hill says in these two tweets below.

Jason Whitlock has made much of his career being consistently criticized for his outlandish opinions on social issues. The fact that Mike Hill is by his words putting his job on the line to speak out on Whitlock’s actions is almost unheard of. In many media companies (FanSided included!), there are strict policies about publicly criticizing employees.

Sadly, Jason Whitlock has basically built a sports program on his LeBron James criticisms. Plus this is par for the course for both parties involved.

The LeBron James tweet this past week is a normality for him. There’s a history of James speaking out against racism in this country, particularly for African American athletes (Arbery was a former football player). He’s spoken out about Trayvon Martin, speaking out at the ESPYs, and when he had the N-word spray-painted on a gate at his home a few years ago.

On the other hand, Jason Whitlock has also been critical of not only LeBron James, but with Michael Bennett, Serena Williams, and Colin Kaepernick.

Most articles will blast the daylights out of Jason Whitlock using this blueprint breaking down three African American men that my dominate social and mainstream media for weeks.

  • One was a former high school football player in Georgia, who was murdered while jogging, because he was black.
  • One is the most famous basketball player on Earth, who has overcome countless obstacles, because he’s black.
  • The other is a former football player who’s become a well-paid sellout who cherishes the fact that he gets to write things that make white people comfortable about their privileges, as he has chosen to be their mouthpiece, because he’s black.

Lake Show Life is doing a special report breaking down why Jason Whitlock put out the tweet and the true manipulation of social media. LeBron James used his platform correctly. Jason Whitlock did not.

Before we discuss Whitlock’s intentions, let’s go back to what happened reportedly in February.

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