Los Angeles Lakers: 3 members of the “young core” who fit this roster

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(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers
(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers /

D’Angelo Russell

A career with the Los Angeles Lakers that started so promisingly with was ended after some off the court antics and on the court immaturities.

Russell became an All-Star with the Brooklyn Nets and has matured since his time with the purple and gold.

Now having played for both the Golden State Warriors and now the Minnesota Timberwolves this season, Russell seems to have found a long term home in Minnesota with his long time friend Karl Anthony Towns.

Russell was a shock pick as the 2nd overall in the 2015 NBA Draft. The Lakers were expected to take big man and NCAA champion Jahlil Okafor, continuing the long line of centers the Lakers have had since the days of George Mikan.

Instead, they focused on a position that they had not put much stock in since the days of Nick Van Excel.

Russell came into the NBA as the new hybrid of what the league was turning into. a 6″5 point guard who can shoot the ball like Curry, who can pass the ball like Magic and who can play both guard positions like James Harden.

In his 1st season with the Lakers, Russell at times struggled. He played the game at his own speed and was wildly inconsistent.

Now looking at Russell you can see the maturity in his game that comes with age. He has developed as a leader, he has improved as a shooter and is still a legit playmaker.

On this Lakers team, Russell would be a great 3rd option.

He isn’t a strong defender but has the length to be disruptive. He can score the ball when needed, he can be the secondary playmaker behind LeBron and he is capable of making big-time shots when needed.

Out of the 3 players named, Russell would be the least ideal fit for the purple and gold.
Lonzo brings defense and elite playmaking.

Ingram brings position versatility, scoring, defense, and an ability to be the leader when needed but also to play a role and do it an incredibly high level.

Russell while an excellent player, great scorer, above-average playmaker, and All-Star, he doesn’t have the defensive ability of the above two players, he slows down the offense at times when the ball runs through him and just doesn’t fit the team dynamic that the purple and gold are trying to build right now.

This Lakers team prides itself on its abilities on defense, if you can’t guard your position you are a potential liability.

With Lonzo and B.I, you have guys who will lock their man down.

If I had to choose who would be the best fit on this current Lakers roster I would go with Ingram, but only by a fraction.

Ingram’s position versatility, ability to be a leader, and secondary scorer, as well as a playmaker and his toughness, would be perfect on this Lakers team.

Lonzo would be the ideal fit beside Danny Green.

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With Lonzo, Ingram, or Russell, you can’t go wrong.