Kevin Durant disses LeBron as the greatest of all time in favor of MJ

Kevin Durant was not shy in saying that LeBron James is not the GOAT.

The GOAT discussion is more prevalent in the NBA than any of the other four major sports and countless pundits have weighed in on the matter. Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant has made his opinion known, and was not shy in dissing Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James in favor of Michael Jordan.

Durant asked a fan at Cool Kicks LA who is the greatest basketball player of all-time. His response? “LeBron James”. Kevin Durant’s response? “That’s crazy”. Watch below.

The LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan GOAT debate has been burning for years now. To many, LeBron is the best player in the league since MJ hung them up (completely forgetting about Kobe Bryant) and due to LeBron’s statistical dominance and all-around play, some make the case the for The King over Air Jordan.

Durant has firsthand experience with LeBron, going toe-to-toe with him on three different occasions in the NBA Finals — once with the Oklahoma City Thunder and twice with the Golden State Warriors.

Durant went right at LeBron in those later two series and arguably outplayed James, earning two Finals MVPs in the process.

Keep in mind, Kevin Durant is the same person who, last September, said that no one will ever get the GOAT title outright and questioned if that even mattered in the grand scheme of things. He even said that being regarded as the GOAT is not something that motivates him.

Kevin Durant is not the first player to pick Michael Jordan over LeBron James

The Athletic conducted a poll of 2019 NBA players last April and asked them a series of questions, including who the greatest player of all-time is. Of the 117 NBA players that responded, 73 percent picked Michael Jordan as the GOAT, 11.9 percent picked LeBron James and 10.6 percent picked Kobe Bryant.

It is not just current players that are favoring MJ, either, as some former players are saying that the conversation is not even close. Former NBA all-star and current Inside the NBA analyst Kenny “The Jet” Smith made headlines in July after ranking LeBron James as the 10th greatest player of all-time while excluding Kobe Bryant from his top 10 altogether.

At the end of the day, these debates and lists are nothing but subjective any every basketball fan is going to have a different answer. But to Kevin Durant, any LeBron James answers are crazy.