Buddy Hield to the Lakers? 3 ways Hield can help the Lakers

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Buddy Hield and Kyle Kuzma for a 3rd superstar?

Buddy Hield isn’t even on the roster and already we are looking for another trade?

You better believe it.

The Los Angeles Lakers do not like hitting singles or doubles, they are a franchise that strives for home runs. That’s how Dr. Jerry Buss did it, that’s how Jerry West did it and with Rob Pelinka always looking for the bigger and better star, you best believe that he or the Lakers organization will not settle for second best.

So Buddy Hield and Kyle Kuzma for who?

Good question.

Well, if Giannis Antetokounmpo decided in the summer of 2021 that he no longer wishes to be a Buck, the Bucks could do a lot worse in a sign and trade.

Obviously Giannis is irreplaceable to any franchise. His worth on the court is immeasurable but there is a real chance that he leaves the Bucks in the Summer of 2021 for absolutely nothing.

Leaving the Bucks high and dry does not sound like something that Giannis would do.

If the Lakers can offer a reasonable consultation prize for the Bucks, then it might behoove them to take the offer.

Obviously this is a stretch at best, Giannis is worth significantly more than what is being offered but if he leaves for nothing, it could send the Bucks organization into a tailspin that could take years to recover from and with a once in a generation talent like Giannis, they may never get a player like that again.

We saw such a sign and trade last summer with Jimmy Butler going to the Miami Heat and Josh Richardson to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Giannis, LeBron, and Anthony Davis on one team? and we all thought that Kawhi, AD and LeBron were going to be the 3 headed monsters the Lakers were going to have.

In AD and Giannis, you have perennial DPOY contenders (with Giannis beating out Davis to the honor this year).

In AD, LeBron, and Giannis you have 2 guys who have won MVP in LeBron (4 MVP titles), Giannis (Soon to be 2 back to back MVP titles), and AD who should finish in the top 5 in MVP voting this year.

While LeBron is getting older and his powers will begin to wain, the Lakers will have AD and Giannis to see them into the future and that is a hell of a duo to build around.

Dominant defenders and dominant scorers that could lead the Lakers to multiple titles.

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Will it happen? Only time will tell.