Los Angeles Lakers: 3 free agents to replace Rajon Rondo if he leaves

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2. Reggie Jackson

Full disclosure: the talent does drop off after Goran Dragic. There is not that much point guard talent on the market this season and that is why Dragic would be the best-case scenario. However, the Lakers still have options for someone to play a smaller role like Rondo’s.

One of those options could be current Clipper, Reggie Jackson. Jackson is an unrestricted free agent in the offseason without any bird rights, so there really will be no huge competition to bring him back.

Jackson has also taken a minimal role on the Los Angeles Clippers and has not been that great in the playoffs, so he is not going to be driving his market price up much in free agency.

The one thing that Jackson can do well, though, is bringing the ball up court and create his own shots as well as shots for others. At times this makes him a ball vacuum in a way similar to Dion Waiters and that is why you would play Jackson when LeBron is on the bench.

Jackson is an all-around more talented player than Waiters and is a better defender and as a bench point guard that gets 15 minutes per game, he could be a really useful regular-season asset for the Lakers next season.

The Lakers need someone to take the ball up court with the second unit and Jackson is just as qualified as Rondo to do so.