Could the Los Angeles Lakers reunite with Lonzo Ball?

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Lonzo Ball in New Orleans

While Brandon Ingram to many was considered the main get for the New Orleans Pelicans along with the 4th overall pick, a significant portion of the attention shifted to Lonzo making the move to the Big Easy.

Involved in the trade to make salaries work as well as his talent, Lonzo landing New Orleans had the potential to cause some stepping on toes with former All-Star Jrue Holiday also on the squad. This was quickly remedied with Holiday playing shooting guard.

While putting together some highlight reel lobs with rookie sensation Zion Williamson and occasionally balling out, Lonzo has not taken the next step that would have been expected of a 3rd-year play.

Lonzo’s averages this season of 11.8PPG, 7.0APG, and 6.1RPG are below expectations with Lonzo only averaging marginally more points than his rookie season and fewer rebounds and assists this season than any point in his 3-year career.

In short, he is eligible for an extension in the summer of 2021 and with respect, Lonzo is playing himself out of a big long term contract.

With Brandon Ingram due to get paid (most likely the max) this off-season, with Jrue Holiday already being paid $26m until 2022, and with the Pelicans eventually paying Zion, Gayle Benson, and co. might be weary about opening the checkbook for Lonzo.

Lonzo could ball out next year (No pun intended), but more than likely, you can expect the Pelicans to try and get what they can for Lonzo to avoid paying him in a year or two’s time.

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