Could the Los Angeles Lakers pick up Russell Westbrook?

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Los Angeles Lakers
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Could the Los Angeles Lakers pick up Russell Westbrook for cents on the dollar?

Let us preface this all by saying, if Giannis Antetokounmpo does NOT sign a new contract with the Milwaukee Bucks this summer, then the Los Angeles Lakers should keep the roster as currently constructed and chase Giannis in 2021. If Giannis signs the contract this summer, which many NBA insiders expect he will, here is an alternative option.

The Los Angeles Lakers entered the 2nd round match-up with the Houston Rockets with confidence. They had just overcome the Damian Lillard led Portland Trailblazers and dispatched them in 5 games.

What many considered an equally difficult match-up waited ahead for the purple and gold.

James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and the micro-ball Rockets.

How will the Lakers deal with small ball when they are so used to being big, tough, and playing the game at their pace?

Game one was a wake-up call for the LeBron James and Anthony Davis led Lakers. They were punched in the mouth and lost 112-97 to a motivated, and what seemed to be in form, Houston Rockets.

In the next 4 games, the Los Angeles Lakers were able to show their quality and beat the Rockets relatively easily.

Once the series ended, the 1st person people pointed fingers at was former MVP, Russell Westbrook.

Fans of the NBA going so far as to say he is a bum, he isn’t a superstar, and that his contract is by far the worst in the NBA (talk to the Wizards and John Wall about that).

With coach Mike D’Antoni choosing to walk away from the Houston Rockets, it is safe to assume that the Harden led Rockets will undergo some changes.

Could one such change be cutting ties with Russell Westbrook?

If so, could the Los Angeles Lakers, snag Westbrook for cents on the dollar and land themselves a 3rd Superstar in the process?

Here is a trade scenario in which the Los Angeles Lakers land point guard Russell Westbrook.