Los Angeles Lakers: Why a Kyle Kuzma trade won’t happen this offseason

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Kyle Kuzma will be a member of the Los Angeles Lakers on December 22.

One move that was expected heading into this offseason was the Los Angeles Lakers flipping Kyle Kuzma’s youth and potential for something that helped the team in a trade. Here we are after the 2020 NBA Draft and a wave of free-agent signings and no such move has been made.

On paper, it makes a lot of sense. Kuzma is a restricted free agent after the 2020-21 season and the Lakers very well could let another team sign him away — similar to the Julius Randle situation years ago.

Thus, instead of letting him walk for free, the idea is that the Lakers would be better off flipping one season of Kuzma as Kuzma’s playstyle does not mesh perfectly with the roster and he was a bit underwhelming last season.

He is not a bad basketball player, he is just a bad fit. He would put up pretty decent numbers on a worse team with a bigger role, but on the Lakers, he is a bit redundant as a forward as he does not shoot well or play great defense.

Some of the Lake Show Life staffers think that a trade could still happen. Our own Justin Hickey broke down some potential trade destinations for Kuzma after the wave of free-agent signings.

However, when I really look at the entire situation from a wide lens, it appears that a Kuzma trade is ultimately not going to happen this offseason. At the trade deadline, when things can change and needs could arise yes, I can see that happening.

Right now? I think Kyle Kuzma’s roster spot on the Los Angeles Lakers is safe and this is coming from someone who really thought he was going to be traded. Here is why my opinion has changed.

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