Los Angeles Lakers close MLK Day shocked in a loss to Warriors!

Jan 18, 2021; Los Angeles, California, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) defends Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) during the second quarter at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Jan 18, 2021; Los Angeles, California, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) defends Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) during the second quarter at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

The Los Angeles Lakers closed out a huge NBA schedule on Martin Luther King Holiday by taking on Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

The Los Angeles Lakers were reminded that an NBA game lasts 48 minutes and Stephen Curry is still a cat that can bury you. After running out to a 19 point lead in the opening quarter, the Golden State Warriors hung around just long enough to shock the Lakers 115-113.

Man the Staples Center is a different place without the fans.

The Warriors wing players, Kelly Oubre, Andrew Wiggins and especially Eric Paschall gashed the interior defense at times throughout the game and the Lakers got burned.

The good from the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss:

The Los Angeles Lakers are dominating from the tip:

Man, this Los Angeles Lakers team looks to end opponents’ nights early and in an efficient fashion. The Lakers’ run over this dominant win streak comes in waves. This game was no different coming out of the gate.

  • The Lakers went on a 10-2 run that frustrated Draymond Green into a technical foul.
  • After the Warriors made a small run, the Lakers called timeout and then went on an absurd 21-5 run.  
  • After Golden State made another run in the second quarter, the Lake Show went on a 20-9 run before the half.

This just happened in the first half folks. The Los Angeles Lakers have found a cool concept of blowing teams off the floor as their way of load management. Instead of holding players out for rest in games, they use a combination of fourth quarters in a string of blowout games.

They just didn’t have the mindset in the second half.

Dennis Schroder is balling folks!

It’s starting to look like Dennis Schroder has arrived. At one time in the first quarter, Dennis was a menace to Golden State as he was actually outscoring them 14-12. This is no longer the player that dribbled all over the floor looking for his shot. Now he is trusting the offense to get easy baskets.


Ever since Schroder started moving the ball and cutting to the basket, the Lakers’ offense has been smoother and more fun to watch. Plus, you can see the confidence and comfort level growing by each game.

Montrezl Harrell is playing out of his mind!

Montrezl Harrell is that dude. Seriously. As good as LeBron James and Anthony Davis is playing right now, Harrell is right behind them. The Lakers have run this same play for a week and it still hasn’t been stopped.


The bad of the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss:

LeBron James complaining over foul calls.

To be clear here, the refereeing at times left little to be desired (The Kelly Oubre event sums this up!), but LeBron is starting to bring back a habit of whining to the officials. Even worse, he’s not getting back on defense. As big and physical as he is, he’s not going to get every call. If he doesn’t believe that after 18 years, he’s got to have Shaquille O’Neal on speed dial.

The third quarter: 

The Lakers lost their poise which was much different from previous games during the win streak. Golden State hit them with a 17-2 run to cut the lead to 80-78. A no-call on Dennis Schroder’s failed attempt to draw a charge led to a Frank Vogel technical foul. The game turned after that.

The referees have to do better than this…  

This is just bad for the NBA. This is totally ridiculous. Kelly Oubre gets called for a technical foul for blowing a kiss? Really?


Let the staff of Lake Show Life tell a not so well guarded secret. Trash talking is a part of NBA basketball. Forget the NBA, ALL OF BASKETBALL! Kelly Oubre started the season missing 24- of his first 25 shots from distance.

Believe the fact players have yelled (“Fill in any curse word…no!”) and plenty of other snide comments standing in the lane for him to shoot. He even threw up an airball on his first 3 point shot and missed a dunk that is guaranteed to be on Shaqtin’ A Fool next week.

Knowing Trezl, he said something. Kelly hit the shot and that’s why he blew the kiss.

Referees…Do better.

The story of the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss:

The bench basically bailed the Los Angeles Lakers out. Without a 43 point contribution from these players, the Lakers might have had bigger problems.

  • Kyle Kuzma:15 points (13 in the second half!), 10 rebounds, in 25 minutes.
  • Montrezl Harrell:17 points (Hit his first seven shots!), 8 rebounds, 2 blocks and an assist in 28 minutes.
  • Alex Caruso: 7 points and 4 assists in 20 minutes.

Call it what it was…The Los Angeles Lakers choked!

The Los Angeles Lakers missed ten straight shots in the last quarter and this guy Stephen Curry can shoot.


The Los Angeles Lakers are still winners though. 

The Los Angeles Lakers always show that the franchise is not only one of the most successful franchises in all of the sports, but the classiest. Marc Gasol hasn’t been on the team for more than three months and he adds to the Lakers folklore of helping people in need.

During the Brooklyn Nets/Milwaukee Bucks game, the TNT broadcasting crew mentioned that Marc Gasol gave 10 thousand dollars to the family of Michael “Speedy” Edwards, a member of the Grizzlies TV crew for funeral expenses. He passed very recently after losing his battle with COVID-19. Being in a television broadcasting crew is just like being in a family.

Mr. Edwards’ passing has been mentioned during numerous games over several networks. After spending 25 years in broadcast production, this writer knows from experience that the people who knew and worked with him are hurting. Rest In Peace to Mr. Edwards and prayers sent to his family and friends.

The ongoing story that not just the NBA, but all of us are working on for future generations.

Lake Show Life’s more in-depth breakdowns will come in Lake Show Life Lessons tomorrow. Keep it locked for the only Los Angeles Lakers post-game report with highlights and in-depth analysis.