Los Angeles Lakers: 4 Lessons in road trip finale win over Atlanta Hawks

Feb 1, 2021; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Atlanta Hawks center Clint Capela (15) defends the shot of Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) in the first quarter at State Farm Arena. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Feb 1, 2021; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Atlanta Hawks center Clint Capela (15) defends the shot of Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) in the first quarter at State Farm Arena. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Los Angeles Lakers closed out their road trip in Atlanta. Trae Young and Clint Capela gave the Lakers fits for three quarters before people in the stands got into it with LeBron in the 4th quarter. Then James had  “Cleveland” flashbacks to lead the Lakers to a win!

Lake Show Life breaks down what else happened in Lake Show Life Lessons! The only Los Angeles Lakers extended post-game report with in-depth analysis and highlights.

The Los Angeles Lakers probably were looking forward to ending a very long seven-game road trip with a win in Atlanta, taking on Trae Young and the Hawks. It was a game that was considered a trap game in the last Lake Show Life Lessons report.

"Trap Game Alert: Don’t sleep on the Hawks, they are playing very well these days. Trae Young has gotten out of a slump and Clint Capela is playing out of his mind right now. If Marc Gasol is starting, well we’ll pick up the center conversation then."

Atlanta came closer than many thought to make the “Trap Game Alert” a reality as Trae Young ran the pick and roll to perfection and Clint Capela gave the Lakers fits in the second half, but another LeBron James fourth-quarter explosion and two extended periods of lockdown defense allowed the trip back to the West coast a lot easier with a 107-99 victory.

This site guarantees that the game will not be the topic of discussion. This incident right here will be! The referees stopped the game in the fourth quarter as James had an exchange with fans in courtside seats.

The spectator was identified as Juliana Carlos now known as “Courtside Karen” thanks to LeBron James. It picked up quickly on social media and it trended so fast, people will forget that LeBron scored the last nine Lakers points to close the game out. Not only did Kendrick Perkins retweet it, some of the other Lakers (Alex Caruso, Jared Dudley and Quinn Cook) did too! Ja Morant and Myles Turner joined in as well.

In this week’s episode of Lake Show Life’s “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong!”. Let’s break down the events of what happened. Juliana Carlos stated her version of the story.  Here’s the clean version thanks to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin…the rant probably was harder than his entire report!

"“So, I’m minding my own business, and Chris has been a Hawks fan forever. He’s been watching the games for 10 years. Whatever, he has this issue with LeBron. I don’t have an issue with LeBron. I don’t give a f— about LeBron,” she says in the video. “Anyway, I’m minding my own business, drinking my [beverage], having fun. All of the sudden, LeBron says something to my husband, and I see this and I stand up. And I go, ‘Don’t f—ing talk to my husband.’ And he looks at me and he goes, ‘Sit the f— down, bitch.’ And I go, ‘Don’t f—ing call me a b—-. You sit the f— down. Get the f— out of here. Don’t f—ing talk to my husband like that.'”"

It’s times like these that Twitter is the funniest place in the world. It seemed like everyone chimed in from her age (Oh no one believed she was 25!), to the age if her husband, to her body type. They were brutal! Here’s a list of tweets that start with a guy giving a play by play breakdown from Draft Kings!!

Warning: Some of these have strong language (Some from LeBroFhan!). Here we go!

Lake Show Life loves LeBron James, but his media statement was bull. No basketball player on any level takes that. Read what he really thought!

LeBron had no chill on that Courtside Karen

We could go on past this list (Some are just gut busting funny!) but there was a game played.

The Lakers are now 16-6, and scheduled to play the Denver Nuggets at Staples Center on Thursday. The Nuggets had their game against the Detroit Pistons postponed on Monday because a Pistons player returned a positive/inconclusive coronavirus test, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. If Thursday’s game is postponed, we will let you know.

To the new Los Angeles Lakers fans that are checking us out for the first time, welcome to Lake Show Life Lessons. Our extended post-game report with video analysis will cover the progress for the Los Angeles Lakers the entire season!

Over the next several pages we will provide highlights of certain players and coaches. Afterward, the comment section is loaded with knowledgeable fans adding their basketball knowledge. We usually start with the stars.

 Let’s get to Lesson One to find out who!