How the Los Angeles Lakers can trade for JaVale McGee

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Why each team would say yes to this deal getting JaVale McGee on the Los Angeles Lakers

For the Los Angeles Lakers, it is simple. The team would be trading youth for talent that would help them this season in getting to the NBA Championship. No fan likes to part ways with young players but they have done this before.

A prime example is when the Lakers traded rookie sharpshooter Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk for half a season of Reggie Bullock. Cacok is not ready yet to contribute in the NBA Playoffs and the Lakers can easily replace what he offers in terms of youth at the center position down the line.

The Cavaliers would say yes to this trade as it gets them something for McGee other than simply buying him out. The Cavaliers would have to spend slightly more as they are bringing in Ish Smith to make this deal work, but he is on an expiring contract as well.

The Lakers could even send some cash to offset the extra spending. It does not count against the cap but is a nice gesture that may convince Cleveland even further to say yes.

The Wizards would do this as they are getting a young player in return for half a season of Ish Smith, who would not be traded for anything anyways. Cacok is someone with potential and the Wizards have done business with the Lakers before and are a good third team to loop into this.

They would buy McGee out, save some money by buying him out instead of having to pay Ish Smith and could add Cacok to the roster right away. They improve simply by being part of the trade.

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The logic stays the same with any third team that the Los Angeles Lakers loop in and it is clear that if the team cannot land Whiteside, they could get creative and conduct a trade that opens the door for McGee to return to LA.