Los Angeles Lakers: Pass or pursue on 3 potential buyout targets

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Los Angeles Lakers

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports – Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers landed arguably the biggest buyout signing of the entire season in Andre Drummond after the Cleveland Cavaliers failed to trade him at the NBA trade deadline. The Lakers still have one more open roster spot to play with and at the time of writing this, a week to find another potential buyout signing.

The Lakers are naturally going to be the favorites to sign any player that they are interested in on the buyout market. When healthy, they are far the best team in the Western Conference and the only conceivable team in the West to beat the Brooklyn Nets.

Buyout players want to contend for a championship and play for their next contract. That is why Drummond signed with LA and why the Lakers will be favored for any future bought-out players.

But which buyout players should the Los Angeles Lakers pursue?

There is not an extensive list of buyout targets for the Los Angeles Lakers but there are some candidates. Today, we are going to be looking at the three players that Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report broke down as potential buyout targets for the team.

All three players could be pursued by the Lakers and are likely to be bought out or are already bought out. Let’s dive into them.

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