Why the Lakers should pursue Lonzo Ball over re-signing Dennis Schroder

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(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

Dennis Schroder has provided some headlines for the Los Angeles Lakers as the team fights on without LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Schroder has not done so with his play on the court, however.

Schroder has made headlines as it was reported that he turned down a four-year, $84 million contract extension from the Los Angeles Lakers. This was surprising for two reasons; first, it was a bit shocking that the Lakers would offer that much to a slightly-above-average point guard and second, that said slightly-above-average point guard said no.

I broke down in a previous article why the Lakers should tell Schroder to kick rocks on extension talks. He is a solid player and I am a fan of his, but he has not played well enough in LA to warrant anything more than $21 million, let alone $21 million as is.

Instead, the Los Angeles Lakers should look to bring back a familiar face in the offseason.

The free-agent point guard that the Los Angeles Lakers should be more interested in is former Laker himself, Lonzo Ball. I am a huge fan of Ball and he would be a much better player for the Lakers to target over Schroder.

Of course, there has to be mutual interest there and the Lakers would have to make an offer than the New Orleans Pelicans do not want to match, as Ball is only a restricted free agent. But is New Orleans really going to pay Ball $20 million+ per season with Brandon Ingram’s contract and Zion Williamson eventually due for an extension?

It is an interesting situation and one that the Lakers should at least gauge. Schroder should be a backup plan, not the priority.

Here are three reasons why Lonzo Ball should be the priority.

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