Los Angeles Lakers: 3 things to pay attention to in Anthony Davis’ return

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(Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

Anthony Davis is officially making his return to the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday against the Dallas Mavericks. It has been over two months since Laker fans have seen Davis in action as he has been dealing with an Achilles and calf issue.

The Lakers have understandably been as cautious as possible with Davis so the fans can be certain that he is undoubtedly ready to play. However, he might not be the same Anthony Davis when he first returns.

Davis was playing a bit sluggish to start the season and he is going to slowly ramp up as the year goes along instead of going full bore right out of the gate. However, we can still learn some things in Davis’ first game back.

Lake Show Life contributor Kevin Germany already broke down seven questions for the upcoming doubleheader against the Mavericks with some AD-related questions. On top of those, here are the things to really pay attention to on Thursday night.

1. How much playing time the Los Angeles Lakers give Anthony Davis

This is one of Kevin’s questions and it will be interesting to watch unfold. The Lakers have obviously been very cautious with AD and they are going to continue to do so in his return.

But how cautious? Is AD only going to play 20 minutes in this game and really ease into the playing time? Or with Frank Vogel give him a bit of a longer leash and allow him to go 25-28 minutes?

If the game is on the line and Davis is already at 28 minutes are they going to put him in for some crucial possessions? Or will a playing-time limitation be more impactful in Vogel’s decision-making?

It is going to be interesting to see not only how much Davis plays but how he is utilized in the rotation with those around him as well. The Lakers have time to ramp him up and be cautious, but the time is limited.

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