The Los Angeles Lakers should consider bringing back Danny Green

Danny Green has the experience. No, not just as a veteran player in this league but also the experience of what it is like to be part of championship teams. Green, of course, has won rings with the Los Angeles Lakers, Toronto Raptors and the San Antonio Spurs.

Players like him are ever so valuable because not only do they bring a good amount of information with them about what it takes to be a veteran in today’s game, but also what it is like to be part of and help a team become champions. It’s experience like that in which many teams have a lack of when it comes to players, or that many teams have among their rosters.

Teams should always have players around them, who have achieved at a much higher level as that will only make the others better. Danny Green knows this far too well.

He is an extremely smart player that possesses a very good long-range shot and plays solid defense as well as is a hustler. All that along with his veteran knowledge and he looks like a very good acquisition.

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We saw Green play at a high level this season for the Philadelphia 76ers as he averaged more points per game (9.4), more minutes per game (28), and shot at a higher percentage this year (40%) from three-point.

The Los Angeles  Lakers would be able to plug Danny Green back into a system that he is very familiar with.

Green will be 34 years old this coming season but that is not old at all. He has the knowledge of the team already and meshed well with the roster. He would be an upgrade over Wes Matthews as Green had better numbers this current season. The Lakers could use another legit deep threat. If they are not able to get other players to fit that role, Green would be a perfect fit.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope had a tough season, and it would benefit him greatly to have Danny Green back as I felt they played well together with each other last season. Green is also more of a legit deep threat than both KCP and Matthews. He is more productive in that area and seems to be playing at a high rate for his age which is great.

Unless the Lakers choose to re-sign Matthews and or Ben McLemore, they should definitely think about making a move for Danny Green again.

LeBron wants to attract talent to the Los Angeles Lakers roster next year, and what is better than getting someone you have experience with and someone who won a championship with you?