Avery Bradley is not going to last on the Los Angeles Lakers for long

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The Los Angeles Lakers made yet another roster move on Monday as the team claimed Avery Bradley off waivers. Bradley was cut by the Golden State Warriors and now joins a myriad of former Lakers who have re-joined the team this offseason.

Bradley occupies the 15th roster spot for the Lakers. The general consensus was that the Lakers were saving the 15th roster spot for an in-season buyout signing. However, with Talen Horton-Tucker and Trevor Ariza both being hurt, it makes sense that the team would use that roster spot for help now.

While it is logical to bring in Avery Bradley at this point in time, it does not change the likely long-term outcome for the veteran two-way guard. Chances are once the Lakers get healthy and return to shape that Bradley will be sent packing by the Lakers front office.

Why Avery Bradley won’t last long on the Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are still inclined to save the 15th roster spot for a buyout signing and that is obvious by the type of contract that the Lakers agreed to with Bradley. The Lakers signed Bradley to a non-guaranteed contract, making it easy to cut ties with him later in the season.

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The Lakers are well over the luxury tax threshold and every dollar at this point matters. In previous years, the team could afford to sign someone to a normal contract and simply release them later in the year and take the small financial hit.

That small financial hit is much larger with the tax implications and that is why Bradley’s deal is non-guaranteed. The Lakers only have to pay him while he is a Laker and then can get off the contract without any repercussions. That signals that the team plans to eventually release Bradley for a potential buyout signing.

You could make the case that Bradley is a better option than any potential buyout signings. While Bradley is a solid player, he does not make sense for this team when fully healthy. The Lakers are really deep in the backcourt and once the team gets the defense of Talen Horton-Tucker back it won’t need the perimeter defense that Bradley offers.

Depending on if any injuries happen or if anyone disappoints, the most likely buyout target for the team as it stands today is a wing. Bradley simply does not have the size that the Lakers would be looking for.

So yes, there is yet another reunion in Los Angeles but this reunion is not built to last like the other former players that the Lakers have brought in this offseason.

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Just like in 2020, Avery Bradley will no longer be with the team when it makes its run towards winning an NBA Championship, although this time it won’t be his decision.