A 3-team Russell Westbrook trade to get Zach LaVine on the Lakers

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Los Angeles Lakers rumors

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

Zach LaVine is one of the most interesting free agents this offseason. LaVine is going to ask for max money and while the Chicago Bulls certainly do not want to lose him, there also could be some hesitancy to give LaVine the max deal.

LaVine has the power to sign with any team in free agency but he can sign a five-year deal if he signs with the Bulls. However, as we have seen in the NBA before, LaVine can leverage his free-agent status with the Bulls and try to conduct a sign-and-trade to another team.

If LaVine does that then the Los Angeles Lakers might be on his list. While the Lakers rumors about him wanting to be a Laker were not actually reported, there is some foundation to think that there could be interest in coming to LA for LaVine.

LaVine did go to college at UCLA and signed with Rich Paul of Klutch Sports back in September. What happened after Anthony Davis signed with Klutch? He forced his way to LA to team up with LeBron James.

The Chicago Bulls are never going to want Russell Westbrook in return, so that is not an option. However, there is a reality in which the Lakers can loop in a third team, and if LaVine really wants to leverage his way to LA, make this trade happen.

What a Zach LaVine, Russell Westbrook three-team trade could look like:

Lakers Get
Zach LaVine
Bulls Get
Julius Randle
Evan Fournier
Knicks Get
Russell Westbrook
Lakers 2027 First
Lakers 2028 First (Pick swap)

Yes, this trade might look absurd and I know that fans of both the Bulls and Knicks are likely repulsed by this trade idea. On the following pages, we will break down why each of the three teams could potentially say yes to this package, although the case for the Lakers may not be as nuanced.

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