Lakers trade rumors: 5 best trades to make without a first-round pick

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The Los Angeles Lakers need to make some kind of trade at the deadline this season if the team wants to improve and make a playoff push. It does not have to be a huge trade, but there has to be some kind of effort from the front office.

It is clear that ownership does not want to sell the future to capitalize on the shrinking title window with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. That is not an excuse to be stagnant, though, as Los Angeles can make trades without including a first-round pick.

There is a decently-long list of potential trades the Lakers could make without a first-round pick, with some being better than the rest. Hopefully, this gets to Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss so they can actually do something at the deadline.

Here are the best trades the Lakers could make without including a first-round pick:

1. Snagging Alec Burks from the Detroit Pistons

Lakers Get
Alec Burks
Pistons Get
Patrick Beverley
Bulls' 2023 second-round pick
Lakers' 2023 second-round pick

This is the most expensive trade on this list as it would likely take two second-round picks to get Alec Burks in the purple and gold. If the Lakers could make this trade happen with just one second-round pick it would be an even larger no-brainer. Two second-round picks in the top 40 should be enough, though.

Alec Burks is one of the best role-playing three-point shooters in the league and the Pistons are a team that is looking to get a high draft pick this year. For that reason, a trade between both sides is ideal for all involved, including Burks who can now play meaningful basketball.

Burks’ game is not complex but he adds exactly what the Lakers need. He can hit his shots from three (knocking down 44.4% of his threes this season) and can play serviceable defense on the perimeter.

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