Several NBA players call Lakers fans the worst: 3 likely culprits

Los Angeles Lakers fans (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Lakers fans (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Los Angeles Lakers fans are some of the most passionate in the entire sport but for some reason, don’t get the credit that they deserve. Perhaps it is because the Lakers play in sunny Los Angeles but regardless of the reason, anyone actually in the fanbase knows it is absurd.

While a lot of other NBA fans would say that Lakers fans are the worst, NBA players do not seem to share the same sentiment. The Athletic just released the results of an anonymous poll of NBA players that were asked a variety of questions. One of which was which fanbase was the worst to play in front of.

The Lakers found themselves near the bottom of the list at 2.5%. However, that means that there were still several players who dubbed LA fans as the worst in the sport. Who could the culprits be?

These NBA players might’ve called Lakers fans the worst:

Just to be clear, these are complete guesses and there is no actual intel on which players took the survey, let alone answered in this manner. But let’s have some fun, connect some dots, and run through our list of culprits.

1. Russell Westbrook 

I mean, this has to be the most obvious one, right? Russell Westbrook’s tenure on the Lakers was disastrous, to say the least and he made it pretty clear late in his tenure that he did not want to be there.

Westbrook is no stranger when it comes to getting into it with fans and if asked which fans were the worst to play in front of, I definitely think he would answer with the fanbase that infamously called their own player “Westbrick”.

2. Patrick Beverley

The man publicly bashed Lakers fans after he was traded to the Orlando Magic, bought out, and then signed with the Chicago Bulls. He made it his entire goal to end the Lakers’ playoff hopes once he joined Chicago.

Pat Bev would absolutely call LA fans the worst if he was asked anonymously considering he was not afraid to say it publicly. Too bad he is sitting at home while several of his former teams are in the playoffs, though.

3. Dillon Brooks

Maybe by Lakers fans, Dillon Brooks was just talking about Shannon Sharpe? Brooks was the one who first got into it with Sharpe back in January when the Lakers hosted the Grizzlies.

It’ll be interesting to see if Sharpe shows up for the team’s home playoff games against the Grizzlies and if he sits courtside again. If so, Brooks and the Grizzlies will definitely have some extra motivation.

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