5 Increasingly promising reasons to believe Lakers can dethrone Nuggets

Everyone is counting LA out against Denver, but there is a growing list of reasons they can shock the world.
Nikola Jokic, Anthony Davis
Nikola Jokic, Anthony Davis / Justin Tafoya/GettyImages
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2. Nuggets are not invincible

After last year's playoff run and with how they dominated the postseason, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to view the Nuggets as title favorites once again. In the 2023 playoffs, Denver became just the third team this century to lose four or less games over the course of an entire postseason.

The other two teams to accomplish that feat? The 2001 Lakers and the 2017 Warriors, both of which are viewed as all-time dominant squads. I think it is easy to overlook just how game-breaking the Nuggets were last season, and some would argue this is because they do not have a player that is as visually dazzling as a Stephen Curry or a Kobe Bryant.

But the fact of the matter is that Denver was as statistically dominant as any team since 2000 in 2023. They have obviously been far from mediocre this year, but it is a different season nonetheless. The Nuggets have showed a few exploitable flaws this season, as evidenced by losses like their unexpected defeat to San Antonio last week.

Once we stop seeing the Nuggets as this immovable object and accept the reality that they can be beaten, we can realize that it is far from a guarantee they take home a series win over the Lakers.