5 Players who benefit most from Lakers hiring head coach JJ Redick

The Los Angeles Lakers are taking a chance on head coach JJ Redick. Which players stand to benefit the most from this decision?
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D'Angelo Russell

Working under the assumption that D'Angelo Russell either accepts his player option or re-signs with the Los Angeles Lakers, JJ Redick would be an excellent coach for him. Redick's vision of an offense that focuses on multiple playmakers and three-point shooting fits what Russell brings to the table.

No matter what his contract looks like, Russell is one of the most productive point guards and most efficient shooters in the NBA.

It's crucial to note that Russell and previous head coach Darvin Ham never seemed to see eye to eye. Playing for someone who actually believes in you and prioritizes communication in times of trial is often the difference between unlocking potential and falling short of what you're capable of.

Russell did the latter against all odds during the 2023-24 regular season, but the playoffs have soured many on his long-term fit with the team—and the Ham factor must be considered.

Redick would likely have the ball in Russell's hands on a regular basis, whether as a shooter or a playmaker. Russell's 2023-24 averages of 6.3 assists to just 2.1 turnovers, as well as 3.0 three-point field goals made on 41.5 percent shooting from beyond the arc, suggest he's qualified for the job.

Russell is a polarizing figure following the first-round exit from the 2024 NBA Playoffs, but Redick could be the perfect coach to help him realize his true potential.