Anthony Davis fires warning shot to Thunder after big Lakers win

Los Angeles Lakers v Los Angeles Clippers
Los Angeles Lakers v Los Angeles Clippers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently in one of the toughest stretches of the season and needed a big win on Monday night over the Oklahoma City Thunder to avoid a losing streak potentially snowballing. Los Angeles was able to secure that win and did so rather comfortably with a dominant showing against the second-seeded Thunder.

With the win, the Lakers have now won three of four games against the Thunder this season and seem to be a real matchup nightmare for the young team. As great as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Co. are, they are a bit undersized compared to the Lakers and are inexperienced in the playoffs.

Oklahoma City has the talent to make a run to the NBA Finals but they could also be a year away from that run as the team picks up more experience. The regular season is far different from the playoffs and just because the Thunder have been far better in the regular season does not mean they would walk over the Lakers when the games start to matter.

The Lakers know this and after Monday's win, they certainly won't be afraid of having to play the Thunder in the first round if that is what it comes to. In fact, Anthony Davis sent a subtle warning to the Thunder after the win: OKC shouldn't be comfortable just because they are a top seed as the Lakers are willing to get through whoever it takes to make a finals run.

Anthony Davis and the Lakers aren't afraid of the Thunder

As it stands right now, the Lakers look destined for another trip to the Play-In Tournament (which would be the third instance in four years). The Lakers are currently the ninth seed in the Western Conference and are one game behind the eighth seed, 1.5 games behind the seventh seed and two games behind the sixth seed.

There are a lot of moving parts that will determine the first-round playoff matchups but the Thunder are certainly in the cards. After losing to the Lakers on Monday, the Thunder are the second seed in the Western Conference and are half a game behind the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Thunder are tied for the second seed with the Denver Nuggets, are two and a half games up of the fourth seed and are 5.5 games up of the fifth seed. It is safe to say that OKC is going to secure a top seed in the West, which sets the table for a potential matchup with the Lakers in round one.

This is probably the worst-case scenario for the Thunder. Out of all the teams at the backend of the Western Conference, the Lakers are the team that the Thunder shouldn't want to see. The Lakers have proven that they are a nightmare matchup for the Thunder, and aren't afraid of coming right at the young team regardless of seeding.

Unfortunately, this is the mindset the Lakers have to have as they played their way into one of the lowest seeds in the Western Conference. Thankfully, LA is ready for the challenge.

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