Grading 4 Lakers trade deadline targets ranging from no-brainer to please reconsider

Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks
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No-brainer: Tyus Jones

Tyus Jones is exactly what the Lakers need, as he's a high-level reserve point guard who can be acquired without shelling out much. The Washington Wizards were initially seeking a first-round pick for Jones but have reportedly backed off their asking price.

Now it's believed that he can be had for multiple second-round picks, which would be a no-brainer for Lakers GM Rob Pelinka. The 27-year-old is a true playmaker who doesn't turn the ball over and excels in the pick-and-roll. 

He's also shooting a career-best 39.2 percent from deep (on 3.7 attempts), while shooting 49.1 percent from the field and 56.9 percent true shooting. Not to mention leading the league in assists-to-turnovers.

And although he lacks in size at 6-foot-1, he's still a good finisher at the rim. And he's been a part of a deep postseason run, which would be pivotal down the stretch.