Grade the trade: Lakers ship D'Angelo Russell to Spurs in 3-team pitch

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers
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Lakers grade: B

There are some inherent risks in making this move for the Los Angeles Lakers. Brogdon has not been a beacon of durability in his career and the team would be running the risk of him getting hurt at a key moment and leaving the rotation short-handed.

That being said, his play style fits the Lakers' style of play in the playoffs much better than Russell's does. Los Angeles doesn't need a guard who is worried about getting his who also doesn't defend or rebound in the playoffs.

Brogdon isn't as much of a self-made shot creator but that is not what the Lakers need him to be. He can do just about everything else Russell can do offensively and is a much better defender on the other end.

Spurs grade: A+

The Spurs are the biggest winners of this trade. For the cost of an expiring (bad) role player and two second-round picks, San Antonio gets its starting point guard who can help run the offense for Victor Wembanyama and Co.

San Antonio is the perfect place for Russell as well. There are no expectations there and he would be given an avenue to have a high usage rate and make a difference. Russell would be smart to opt into his player option for the 2024-25 season as San Antonio is the kind of place that can rehabilitate his image and increase his value in free agency.

Sure, Russell is not someone who any team should want starting at point guard in the NBA Finals, but the Spurs do not have to worry about that over the next two years.

Trail Blazers grade: B

Portland will probably want more for Brogdon but the team has to understand what his value is on the open market. This is more than fair value for Brogdon, even if the team is not getting a guaranteed rotation player out of the trade.

The financial flexibility of trading for an expiring is a big plus in itself. Then you throw in a rookie guard with promise in Jalen Hood-Schifino and it is like the Blazers are getting a first-round pick. Second-round picks are not the most valuable, but these picks give Portland more darts to throw at the draft or to include in future trades.

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