Grade the trade: Lakers flip D'Angelo Russell to Wizards in 3-team pitch

Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers
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The NBA trade deadline is right around the corner and the trade rumors are starting to grow. The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most talked-about teams in the rumor mill after a disappointing first half in which they do not look like a title-contending team.

When it comes to Lakers trade ideas, the player that has been floated around the most is none other than D'Angelo Russell. A Russell trade has felt obvious dating back to the summer when he re-signed and for many, it has only been a matter of time.

The biggest target that the Lakers have been tied to is Dejounte Murray. However, the Atlanta Hawks reportedly do not want to take Russell back in the deal, forcing the Lakers to try and find a third team that would take Russell's services in return for some draft capital.

Russell has been playing his best ball of the season over the last two weeks, which is coming at the perfect time. For some, this indicates that the Lakers cannot afford to trade him. In reality, this is increasing his value at the perfect time, and might make a deal more likely.

The Wizards make sense as a third team for a D'Angelo Russell-Lakers trade

Perhaps the folks in the Washington front office are seeing how Russell is playing and might be intrigued to bring him in. D'Lo is by no means a long-term play for the Wizards, but if he plays that well in Washington the team could try to flip him in the offseason (assuming he accepts his player option) or at the deadline next year.

Regardless, it definitely is not hard for the Wizards to talk themselves into adding Russell for draft capital and they also have some intriguing players to send to the Hawks. This creates quite the three-team trade that can make everyone involved happy.

Let's break down the trade and hand out some grades, shall we?