17 People who turned their backs on the Los Angeles Lakers

These former Lakers did not leave on the best terms.

Los Angeles Lakers, Dwight Howard
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12. Matt Barnes

Kobe Bryant wanted Barnes to join the Lakers after the heavily covered ball fake in 2010. The Black Mamba never flinched, but it proved Barnes was not going to back down. Kobe wanted hard-working teammates willing to fight with him, so the Lakers signed the free agent months later.

Barnes came off the bench in Los Angeles and did not have his best years. The 2012 playoffs were the final straw. Barnes shot just 27.1 percent from the field over 11 contests as the Lakers were bounced by the rising Oklahoma City Thunder in just five games in the second round. He could not find his footing in the playoffs and was a disappointment in LA.

The 6’7 forward joined the rival Clippers in free agency in 2012 and his production immediately picked up.

Barnes was quick to call his time with the Lakers “a bad situation” and gave praise to the Clippers for having confidence in him.

Matt Barnes played for nine different teams and was a key role player in multiple stops. Things did not always go as planned, but the 6’7 forward worked hard and brought toughness. It was disappointing to see him speak negatively about his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, but it certainly was not the perfect fit.