3 teams who are threats to swipe Bronny James from Lakers in 2024 NBA Draft

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Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers reportedly also called about trading for LeBron James, to which Rob Pelinka had a very blunt reply that made it obvious that the Lakers were not interested. While it didn't work out for Philly, it did prove that the team is interested in adding LeBron in some capacity and they have the perfect storm to make it happen.

The 76ers actually have cap space to be able to afford LeBron next season if they were to draft Bronny. Not only do they have cap space but they have two other very talented players on the roster that LeBron can hitch his wagon to moving forward.

Most importantly, the 76ers have the picks to make this happen. Philly has its own pick in the first round as well as Toronto's second-round pick. The Toronto pick will be in the top 40 and it right in the range for the 76ers to take Bronny.

However, knowing how Daryl Morey operates, it would not be surprising if the team used its first-round pick on Bronny either. Philadelphia may end up ahead of the Lakers in the draft order with Joel Embiid out of action, which could keep LA from taking Bronny even if the team gets its first-round pick this year.

Morey is all about superstars and if drafting Bronny with the 15th pick means getting LeBron then he very well could do it. After all, he would trade the 15th overall pick for LeBron any day of the week, so using it to draft Bronny isn't much different.

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