Sasha “The Machine” Vujacic Gets Cut From Slovenian National Team

sasha_faceAfter a horrible year, we here at have given Sasha Vujacic plenty of grief about his shooting. I wrote an open letter asking where his shot went, and we’ve pretty much unanimously agreed that we’d prefer he was traded or benched.

With the off-season producing many headline-worthy events, Sasha has been quietly practicing with the Slovenian national team in preparation for the summer tournament. Aside from a knee injury that was reported as mild, we haven’t heard much about his experience. Until now.

It appears that Sasha’s mental physical spiritual various problems that prevented him from contributing to the championship effort have followed him to his native country.  He has been cut from the national team, indicating that he is not considered one of the top 12 players in his own country.  From the article: “If he’s not one of the 12 best players in Slovenia, how much can he help the Lakers?”  Ouch.

While this could be attributed to his knee injury, I have to wonder if perhaps he had a fluke year when his contract was up and then went back to his normal mediocre self.

Let’s hope that he bounces back from this ego-bursting year and shows us all that he can succeed through all the adversity. We have a feeling, however, that things will end more like this…

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  • Mr Terrific

    Did they boo him during the Slovenian national parade!?

  • toasterhands

    Didn’t know Slovenia had such “talent”.

  • Jennie

    Yes Ryan I’m back and I know Sasha will come back from this as well!

  • Mr Terrific

    @ least we know now he can brick shots in TWO languages!

  • Tung

    My haiku to Sasha:

    Cry like a baby,
    After I’m shooting poorly,
    Wah wah wah wah wah.

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  • Tung

    You guys inspired me to write more haikus for other players that I hate.
    Worth checking out because it features another prominent Lakers player..

    (anytime you guys want to trade Pau Gasol for 3 cows and piggy bank cash considerations, drop me a line)

  • Just Blog Baby

    Nice job, Kupchak!

    You signed the 13th best Slovenian to a deal worth $15 million.

    And you wonder why Ariza took the plunge to become the next Q-Rich. See you in Memphis in 2011, Trevor!

  • LF13

    Saša is a great player and he was cut off the Slovenian National Team because he got injured and he missed a month of preparations so just stop being such smart asses here. Do you play basketball on such level? Do you know any Slovenian players? Do you guys even know where is Slovenia? I think not because you Americans are a buch of stupid know-it-all jerks.

  • mat

    LF13, i suppose you’re from Slovenia, so you probably know the whole story. Sasha came to Slovenia and started annoncing that he is only interested in gold on the european championships. If someone comes with such big words, you would expect from he to be one of the leaders of the team. Well, it turned out different. Other guys went training for two weeks while he disappeared to China for some (self?)promotional stuff and came back injured(wtf?). He went on therapy while others were training and playing friendly mathces and he didn’t show any interest for the team, he didn’t even come to these matches to support and watch how the team is, some sources say, even the coach didn’t know where he was for a few days. He came back a few days before the team went to Sevilla to play 3 friendly matches and even though he didn’t play much, he played miserably (ok, to be honest, most of the team did).
    We still don’t know what exactly happened after loosing vs Great Britain, which we should have won by at least 20, as far as I know, after the game in the locker some heavy words were said and a few days later Sasha was out. Roumors say that other players didn’t like his cocky attitude, which got worse when he showed nothing in Sevilla.

  • janez

    Slovenian national basketball team:

    MATJAZ SMODIS – captain of the national team, also captain of the russian team CSKA Moskow ( 2 times champions in Eurolige in last few years)
    ERAZEM LORBEK – member of the russian team CSKA Moskow for the last two years (one of the best players – Center), now member of the Barcelona (SPA)
    BENO UDRIH – Sacramento Kings NBA
    GORAN DRAGIC – Phenix Suns – NBA
    PRIMOZ BREZEC – Philadelphia 76-ers – NBA
    JAKA LAKOVIC – Barcelona (SPA)
    BOSTJAN NACHBAR – ex NBA player, nov Fenerbahce (TUR)

    Head Coach of the Slovenian national team is Jure Zdovc. He was a member of yugoslavia team that won European Championship in year 1989 ad again in 1991, won the World Championship in 1990, silver medalist from Olimpic games in Seul – 1988, he won the european club trophy with team Limoges …

    Sasha got injured and he missed a month of preparations with his team.
    This year he is just not ready for the championship.
    I hope he will give his best to the national team next year.

    Best regards from Slovenija


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  • Just Blog Baby


    Do you know what the word “great” means? If so, you would never use it in the same paragraph with Vujacic.

    This is not about him being Slovenian. This is about him getting a phat contract and then forgetting how to make a jumper in the NBA Finals. Name one “great” player who has ever gone 0-for-the Finals….thought so.

    FYI, according to Sasha himself he says that he did not like the way the national team coach was working the players. In other words, he wasn’t up for the challenge.

    So if by “great” you mean a guy who missed every shot he took in the Finals and quit on his National team, then yes. He is the Muhammad Ali of Slovenia which is a country located in Eastern Europe just above Croatia. But no, I have no idea where or what a “Slovenia” is. I’m just a stupid American who thinks that Sasha sucks because he was horrible when his team needed him the most. A team I’ve been watching for more than 20 years now. A team who has employed some of the greatest to ever play the game from all corners of the globe.

    Tell Sasha that he’s just blown his shot at ever dating Blanka Vlasic now. What? Surprised that an American knows about sports outside of our little tiny sports bubble?

  • LF13

    @mat is attitude was really horrible. He went to Chinabecause he had contract and he must’ve gone there. He ijured himself on national team’s preparations and not in China. He reallydidn’t see any matches but he wanted to be team leader but he was just not prepared so after Sevilla he was cut off. I am in some wayfor this and in some way against it but it is what it is.

    @Just Blog Baby If Lakers signed him for big money that eans the trust him and one really bad season can happen to him. And he wasn’t good in the finals but he is still a great player (Ups I did it again. Sorry.). He injured in preparations so it’s obvious why he wasn’t up for the challenge. And it became about Slovenia when someone said that he is s bad that he isn’t even top 12 Slovenian player. And don’t make a fool of yourself with Slovenia being in Eastern Europe, cause it is in Central Europe. Well at least you go the continent right. And it is above Croatia which is in Southern Europe. And congratulationson on knowing who Blanka Vlašić is.

    But all of this doesn’t matter now, because our team showed grat defense and offense against Greece today and won 81:64! They will win a medal!

    Sorry for missing characters, my keyboard is broken:S

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