Matt Barnes Gets October Court Date


Prosecutors in Sacramento have delayed the date set for Matt Barnes to appear in court as more information is gathered in the on-going domestic violence investigation. Barnes gets a brief reprieve until October 18th as the Sacramento DA determines whether or not any charges will be filed.

From a hoops standpoint, the date will affect Barnes and the Lakers who will play a preseason game the night before the court date and will be in the middle of a span of three games in four days during that time frame.

Barnes’ fiancée, Gloria Govan, has come forward stating that Barnes was wrongfully arrested. However, that means little to the district attorney whose job is to prosecute crimes and not listen to pleas from other parties, no matter their involvement in the investigation.

It is impossible to determine what the postponement of Barnes’ court date ultimately means. One school of thought would argue that it means there is not substantial evidence to move forward so more time is needed to build a case. Another school is that there is ample reason for belief a trial is eminent and the DA is simply making sure all the ducks are in line before moving forward.

Either way, this does not bode well for Barnes whose looming court date could prove an unwanted distraction for a team seeking to hang another banner in Staples.

From a personal standpoint, Barnes was already an NBA villain who now has an even bigger target on his back for heckling fans to toss daggers at.

There is no telling what toll this will take on Barnes and the Lakers. The only thing certain is that it is an unwanted rash of bad press that has mired an otherwise productive offseason for the Lake Show.