Sometimes a picture doesn’t t..."/>

Sometimes a picture doesn’t t..."/>

Shirtless Kobe Bryant Pic Has Wife Vanessa ‘Furious’


Sometimes a picture doesn’t tell the entire story even if after one glance you get a good idea of the beginning, middle and end.

Seeing Kobe Bryant sans shirt and flanked by two women in a Barcelona night club would pretty much seem like an open and shut case. So too did the OJ trial at one point in time so perhaps you see where I’m going with this. ..or not because Kobe hasn’t committed any crime here except poor judgment.

While a TMZ report claims Vanessa Bryant is ‘furious’ over the photo it has nothing to do with any concerns of infidelity. We should hope not after…you know…ah hem…Colorado and whatnot.

Apparently Kobe has gone with the tried and tested stained-shirt-excuse for why he was caught with his moobs exposed. Supposedly someone spilled a drink on Kobe’s shirt which he then removed. While waiting for a drier shirt to arrive Bryant sat between two women which provided the all-too-perfect photo op.

TMZ cites a source claiming Vanessa Bryant is “embarrassed” by the fact that her husband would put himself in such a bad spot. At one point in time Vanessa was ready to file for divorce before reconciliation occurred.  This latest incident wouldn’t appear to provide another round of separation speculation as Vanessa has since kept her plans to join Kobe in London. No doubt she’ll be by his side at all times with a pack of plain white Ts tucked into her purse.