Lakers Make Bad Situation Worse, Hire Mike D’Antoni


November 19, 2010; Oakland, CA, USA; New York Knicks head coach Mike D

It’s official. The Los Angeles Lakers have officially made a bad situation worse by hiring Mike “I-run-a-style-of-ball-that-will-will-never-win-a-title” D’Antoni as their next head coach.

For a team that has had issues with defense it makes no sense to bring in a coach that knows less of defense than the Kardashian family does of taste.

For a team built around dueling seven-footers and a dynamic perimeter scorer it makes no sense to bring in a coach that never utilizes either in his pickup ball style of offense.

But hey, it’s Jim Buss and this is what we should expect. Desperate move after desperate move without any clear goal in sight other than cashing his Daddy’s inheritance checks.

According to reports D’Antoni’s deal is worth $12-million over three years. Obviously he comes in much cheaper than Phil Jackson but if history has proven anything D’Antoni will be lucky to see two full years of that deal and we’ll be lucky if we see anything more than another disappointing playoff exit.

In case you can’t tell I’m none-too-pleased with this move.