Draft Picks #6 through #10 (w/video)

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#10 Adreian Payne

He’s been covered on this site multiple times, and on multiple draft sites, he’s fairly underrated.  In the first round of the NCAA tournament, he scored 41 points against Delaware.  Like the aforementioned players, he’s a self-made player, with the work ethic to improve his skill set by leaps and bounds.  Let’s get this right.  He’s 6’9″, 240lbs., with a 7′ wingspan.  He’s a very good athlete, often the recipient of lob dunks. He rebounds at a good rate.  He is a solid defender.  He plays in the post.  He now shoots 44% from behind the arc on 3 attempts per game.  He has a good motor.  He has great work ethic.  That hits every check mark across the board.  He has issues with asthma, but other players would too if they were scoring 16.6 points per game with 7.3 rebounds per game in under 28 minutes.  His production per minute is dense, and that is a reflection of his motor, and doesn’t speak loudly enough about winning plays he’s made for Michigan State, or just how well he hustles for loose balls.  The last player I saw with similar abilities, granted with a longer wingspan and came out of college much younger, is LaMarcus Aldridge.  Aldridge made himself into a stellar high-post player during his start at the NBA level.  Payne is showing that kind of improvement, at the NCAA level.  Even if Payne isn’t Aldridge, he’s still the best prototypical power forward, who plays positional defense, plays in the paint, and knock it down from range.  Underrated.