Jordan Clarkson is the Sign of Change for the Lakers


Jordan Clarkson is giving the Laker franchise hope.

This season is a reminder of the past. Magic Johnson suddenly retired in 1991. Kobe Bryant is nearing his end as well. His body can’t handle what his mind wants to do.

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It’s a great frustration for Laker fans to see a falling hero.

The past summer was a chance for the Lakers to come out, guns blazing, through free agency and the draft.  The team lost Julius Randle after game one of the regular season.  No franchise superstars signed with the Lakers.

The Lakers may be better off. Now there’s a better plan in place for the next two summers.

What made the Lakers great in the mid-90’s was a consistent fight about the team. Underdog players were trying to prove they belonged. Doug Christie, Trevor Wilson, Antonio Harvey, Anthony Peeler, Tony Smith, and countless others did their best to prove their worth on the NBA floor. The Lakers drafted well with late picks and were able to assemble a squad that eventually became a dynasty.

The last second round pick that gave Laker fans hope was Nick Van Exel. His moxie on the floor, solid court vision, and unshakable confidence earned him a starting slot. Games were fun to watch. He blew by defenders with his first step. He threw up errant, contested three-point shots, and they would go in.

Now, the Lakers have the change in Jordan Clarkson. Should anyone be surprised? He played basketball all summer long. He stood out in the Vegas Pro League, continued playing tournaments, and took on personal coaching before the season started.

The rookie player is being groomed slowly, but the Lakers are showing why he’s worth the $1.8 million just to buy the draft pick.

His aggression, forays to the hoop, and length over the opposition, give the Lakers a dimension at point guard that hasn’t been seen in a long time. Before, that was Kobe Bryant’s responsibility.

No, he’s not Kobe Bryant. No one ever will be.

However, what makes Jordan Clarkson, is his willingness to improve. He earned respect of his Laker peers the past off season, and is showing he can be aggressive while playing under control. Clarkson’s play against the Spurs is a glimmer of his potential, a sign of his upside once he gets consistent playing time.

We had hoped that someone would shine on the Lakers. We hoped Nick Young would be consistent. We hoped Jeremy Lin would find his niche. We hoped that Randle would have a great rookie campaign.

Now, we hope to see Jordan Clarkson mature as a Laker player as he continues his NBA journey.

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