2015 NBA Draft Profile: Emmanuel Mudiay


With just 13 wins by All-Star break, the Lakers are ranked 22nd out of 30 teams on offensive rating, and 29th of 30 teams on defensive rating according to BasketballReference.com.  No matter how the statistics break down, it’s awful on both sides of the floor, and talent is needed everywhere.  The transition to a speedy, point-guard league is a fast way to get wins in the modern NBA.  Why not start with a big point guard with court vision and quickness? 

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After all, the Lakers were looking for one in Goran Dragic.

Emmanuel Mudiay could be the point guard the Lakers want in the upcoming 2015 NBA Draft.  The 6’5″ point guard with a strong build is just 19 years old, yet demonstrates offensive creativity and triple threat skills the team lacks on the offensive end. 

Name: Emmanuel Mudiay

League: Chinese Basketball Association

Position: Point Guard

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 200 pounds

Draft Position: Top 10 Pick

Overview: The highly touted high school recruit was seemingly commited to SMU, only to end up in the Chinese Basketball League.  There, he has averaged 17 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists on 50% shooting from the field.  His dynamic ball-handling ability, size, and quickness give him an advantage as a point guard to evade defenders at the next level.

At 6’5″, he’ll be among the elite in terms of size at the NBA level.  This allows him to see over defenders and see a play developing before it happens.  He also has tremendous strength to go along with the height.  Teams will have opportunities to isolate him in the post on the offensive end, while also switching him defensively to shooting guards and small forwards if necessary.  Draftexpress.com has his wingspan measured to 6’8.5″, which allows for a degree of defensive versatility.

Why the Lakers Should Be Excited: While Jordan Clarkson has emerged recently as a point guard, Mudiay can step right in and provide the playmaking and court vision from the get-go.  Mudiay can break down a defender and generate offensive situations after a half-court set has broken down.  He does a great job of finding shooters along the perimeter, as well as hitting the roll-man in pick-and-roll situations.  This leads to high percentage shots and defensive balance.  He makes the game simple for his teammates and can only get better.  Do not be deceived by his assist average.  He is very unselfish and thrives in transition as well.

Emmanuel Mudiay has been compared athletically to the likes of Derrick Rose, John Wall, and Russell Westbrook.  While he is a very good athlete, Wall, Rose, and Westbrook were on a different level altogether.  He shows a stronger similarity to Tyreke Evans.

Both Evans and Mudiay have one thing in common.  They are shifty playmakers that utilize ball-handling to evade defenders.  Both players have tremendous body control and shake.  Getting by the first defender at the NBA level is crucial to playmaking and shot-creating.

Why the Lakers Should be Wary:  While Emmanuel Mudiay is a dynamic playmaker, the athleticism of an elite point guard simply isn’t there. There are questions about his decision-making.  Sometimes he goes for a home run play, or tries to force plays that aren’t there.  Things are great when he makes a simple play.

His jumpshot is questionable.  This isn’t a case where Rajon Rondo has unusually large hands and trouble with his form at times.  His form is inconsistent, and sometimes he has a hitch in his jumpshot.  His range is reliable 15′ and in, and while he has demonstrated range to the three-point line at a clip over 30%, his shot still needs work.

Fortunately, shooting is the easiest skill to fix.

Final Say: The Lakers need all the firepower it can get and the point guard position is where it starts.  He can set the table for his teammates and generate offense, while having the potential to be one of the better defenders at the NBA level.