Lakers: Byron Scott is Far from an ‘Innocent Bystander’


Byron Scott is many things for the Lakers, but not an ‘innocent bystander.’

A report was released on Wednesday by Sam Amick, asserting that the Lakers have no plans to fire Byron Scott during this season. While not ruling it out entirely, the report claims that the front office places no blame for the team’s dreadful performance on the shoulders of the head coach. Instead they view Byron Scott as an “innocent bystander” in a season that was doomed from the start.

This of course begs the question: who does the front office actually blame for this terrible season? It seems unlikely that the front office already resigned to the fact that they simply failed miserably in an offseason that was supposed to breathe new life into a suffocating franchise.

Even if they have realized this indisputable fact, Byron Scott still deserves a portion of the blame for his team’s performance. Although he was not given a roster loaded with elite talent, Tuesday night’s loss to the Lakers made it clear that a lack of talent is not the only problem with this team.

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The head coach’s struggles have been well-documented. Byron Scott has consistently played his players out of position, and has established an offense that seemingly manufactures the lowest percentage shots possible. Additionally, the front office seems to believe that Kobe’s play is a large reason for the poor performance of the team, referring to the season as his “farewell tour.”

However, Scott also deserves to be held accountable for this as well. Throughout the season, Scott has supported Kobe entirely, even stating that he has “earned the privilege” of playing selfish and inefficient basketball. Byron Scott’s complete deference to the aging legend has played a huge role in the dysfunction of this team in general.

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This report demonstrates that the Lakers front office continues to be out of touch with reality, a fact they have demonstrated repeatedly in recent seasons. Scott has been consistently ineffective as a coach in Los Angeles, and claiming that someone who’s job is so crucially important to a team’s success is completely blameless is simply foolish. Although the front office may deserve an equal amount of blame, one thing is painfully certain: Byron Scott is far from an innocent bystander.