Lakers Free Agency: Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant Ate Dinner Together

Lakers star Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant ate dinner together on Friday with KD’s 2016 free agency looming

The NBA free agency frenzy surrounding Kevin Durant in the summer of 2016 is going to be mass insanity. Not only is the salary cap going to have jumped, leaving numerous teams the option of throwing a huge contract at Durant, but he’s also one of the most dominant and unique players in the league. With the over $65 million in cap-room that the Los Angeles Lakers are set to have next summer, you have to imagine they’ll be involved in the Durant sweepstakes.

The question, however, is going to be just how seriously the Lakers plan to pursue the current Oklahoma City Thunder forward and the 2013-14 NBA MVP or, rather, how seriously Durant would consider coming to the Lakers. Free agency is still almost seven full months away, but Durant is at least interested in associating with Lakers players at this point.

Ahead of the Lakers’ matchup with the Thunder on Saturday afternoon, Durant and Kobe Bryant were seen eating together in OKC on Friday night:

There is at least a 75 percent chance that this is simply two future Hall-of-Famers simply enjoying each other’s company ahead of a matchup featuring their respective teams. However, you have to imagine that free agency at least was mentioned in conversation and—you’d hope—there’s a possibility that Kobe happened to throw the Lakers’ name into that conversation.

Does the fact that a retiring Lakers legend in Kobe Bryant is eating dinner with Kevin Durant mean that Durant is coming to Los Angeles next summer? Absolutely not; we have no idea what it means at this point—but it never hurts to dream.

H/t to Silver Screen & Roll