Lakers: 2016 Christmas Day Jerseys Leak Early

The 2016 Christmas Day jerseys that the Lakers will (assumedly) wear leaked on Wednesday along with those of the other 29 teams

The Los Angeles Lakers, despite their recent lack of success, are still one of the most marketable teams in the NBA. As such, they have still been featured in the slate of Christmas Day games in recent years and been able to showcase the ever-evolving Christmas Day jerseys from the league over the years.

With the prospects for the Lakers looking up with their young core, cap-space, and the No. 2 pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, the next batch of Christmas Day jerseys has leaked with the uniforms for the Lakers and the other 29 teams being revealed.

Per Paul Lukas of Uni Watch and ESPN, here’s a look at what the Lakers will be working with on the most featured day of the NBA regular season, Christmas Day (you can view the jerseys of the other 29 teams via ESPN):

If you’ll remember, these are at least relatively similar to the 2016 Christmas Day jerseys for the Lakers in regards to the white base, purple font, and cursive script type face:

First look at this year’s #NBAXmas unis

A photo posted by Los Angeles Lakers (@lakers) on Oct 30, 2015 at 9:02am PDT

The most noticeable differences, of course, are first that the front of the jerseys for the 2016 Christmas Day will say “Los Angeles” as opposed to “Lakers.” In addition to that type face on the front of the jerseys, it also seems a bit less bold than last year’s version.

Another difference worth noting is that the purple stripe that went down the sides of the 2015 jerseys has been taken off of the Lakers’ 2016 jerseys. For me, that’s the one unfortunate thing about these new jerseys. I loved the purple stripe with the logo set on the shorts in the stripe, in addition to the outline around the edge of the shorts.

Alas, the 2016 Christmas Day jerseys are still quite clean with the white-dominant look of the jerseys. However, I think everyone can agree that the Lakers jerseys will look best on December 25 if they’re being worn in a win rather than a blowout loss.