Lakers Draft Prospect: Ben Simmons Shooting Workout Video Via Chad Ford

It is well documented that Brandon Ingram is the better shooter of the Lakers’ two draft prospects, but Ben Simmons has definitely been working on his outside shot

Early Wednesday morning, ESPN Draft Insider, Chad Ford attended a Ben Simmons workout with Klutch Sports, providing Simmons’ pre-draft measurements as well as a little bit of analysis on the 6’10 power forward out of LSU.

Though Simmons athletic tests were the main thing that stood out, Ford was also able to get video of both Dejounte Murray and Simmons shooting around at the training facility.

A few things must be pointed out: first, Simmons isn’t exactly shooting from NBA three point range, he’s about a foot or two in on most shots, but more so, that Simmons’ smooth jumper that he showcased last week wasn’t as mechanically sound as previously advertised.

Upon seeing last week’s video, critics were quick to point out that it was just one shot and they’ll have to see him doing it on a consistent basis in order to be convinced. However, even though Simmons hit four of five shots in this newest clip, he seems to have regained his awkward follow through and a minor pause near the top of his shooting motion.

Even just looking at this picture, it appears that the wonky elbows have returned with a vengeance.

Simmons also took to his personal Instagram in order to bring fans more of his soccer skills, this time kicking in a basketball from well beyond NBA three point range. Let the “If only he could do that with his hands,” comments commence.

Though Ford claims that Simmons has the highest ceiling in the draft with “superstar potential,” you can be sure that the Lakers won’t be complaining when it comes to draft night and it’s Brandon Ingram that they hand a Lakers’ cap to.

Seeing as the debate still rages on between which player is really the top prospect, the Lakers are in a win-win situation even with the second overall pick.