Lakers: Ranking The Top 5 Most Fun Lakers to Use in NBA 2K17

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Brandon Ingram

There’s no easy way to say this so I’ll just come out with it. Brandon Ingram has replaced Kobe Bryant as the Los Angeles Lakers’ best NBA 2K scorer. This doesn’t mean that he’s better than Kobe in any way, especially since he hasn’t played a single game yet. But as far as the 2K Lakers are concerned, Ingram is the best scorer they have.

This summer’s #2 draft pick has had a seamless transition into the digital world. Ingram is number one on my list because his virtual game mirrors his real life game. Smooth, fun, easy, and almost effortless. The detail of his movements and shot release are amazing and makes for an even better presentation of the rookie. In fact, during my first game out of the box I had to slow down using Ingram. At the end of the first quarter I realized he had 10 shots, and no one else had more than 3.

However, that only further proves my point about the ease with which virtual Ingram uses to score. I found him being my definite go to option over D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson. And more times than not it paid off. After playing a few games with a buddy of mine, he began to scream expletives every time he saw Ingram wide open in the corner. He usually was money every time.

Just to make sure I wasn’t being biased, I played a game using the Philadelphia 76ers against the Los Angeles Lakers and realized a few things. 1. Ben Simmons is the real deal and definitely fun to use, but not as fun as  Ingram. 2. Ingram still hit me up for 25 points and 7 rebounds.

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With Lakers legend Kobe Bryant no longer on the team, Ingram will definitely be my first scoring option. There’s no way to justify not viewing him as top priority. Hopefully the ease with which 2K Ingram plays with will be the same ease he displays during his rookie season with the Lakers.